Quo vadis Belarus, Ukraine and Russia? Next developments post the US election

International conference on democratic reform in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, in partnership with PEAP and EuTalk. The world has just witnessed one of the most important elections of our generation in the USA. By contrast, elections in the former member states of the Soviet Union are « terra incognita ». Is there more to elections in the region than a toxic cocktail of corruption, repression, and dictatorship? What prospect is there that Ukraine, Russia and Belarus can become working modern democracies?Belarussians are still fighting for their freedom weeks after a fraudulent election. In Russia, Putin is attempting to shut down all democratic debate. Since Euromaidan in 2014, a reform process has taken shape in Ukraine. But significant challenges and difficulties remain. What can we expect from the national elections that took place in Belarus in August? Or the regional elections that took place in Russia in September? And the local elections that took place in Ukraine in October? How will the outcome of the US elections impact on democratic reform in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia?