Hungary / Bullmann to Weber: «You must finally tell Orbán to shape up or get out»

Following a yesterday meeting between leaders of the EPP Group in Brussels and Viktor Orbán, S&D Group president Udo Bullmann put an additional pressure on the Hungarian Prime minister by taking himself directly to the leaders of the EPP. «For the last eight years Viktor Orbán has been eroding the basic principles of democracy in Hungary, said Udo Bullmann. He has attacked NGOs, journalists, and now even seems to be turning his sights onto the judiciary. Despite all of this, the supposedly pro-EU EPP Party, of which his is a member, continues to say nothing. This makes the EPP ultimately culpable for the slide of Hungary into illiberal democracy. Calling to the memory of EPP European founding fathers such as Robert Schuman, Alcide de Gasperi, or Konrad Adenauer, S&D Group president added: «They must be turning in their graves seeing what their Party has become. If you truly believe in our common European project then do the right thing and finally tell Orbán to shape up or get out of the EPP family».


Photo : Udo Bullmann / By Didier Bauweraerts / Copyright © European Union 2018 – Source: EP