Poland: «Council should assume its political responsibility»

Liberals and Democrats in the European Parliament (ALDE) have today urged the Commission to launch an infringement procedure against the Polish Government on the Supreme Court law and to send it to the Court of Justice requesting an interim measure to stop these forceful resignations. Equally importantly, the Council should also finally assume its political responsibility, according to the ALDE. The General Affairs Council scheduled for 26 June then must discuss the issue in detail and proceed with Article 7. No backdoor compromise should let the Polish government get away with undermining the rule of law and infringing fundamental rights.

«If the Commission does not act now, the Polish people will wake up to find the impartial judges of their high court replaced with political appointees, as was done previously with the Constitutional Tribunal, warned Sophie in ‘t Veld, ALDE Group First Vice President. In order to avoid this, the ECJ must be allowed to assess the compliance of the Supreme Court law with EU law. This is crucial as political control over the judiciary in one Member State affects the functioning of the EU as a whole».


Photo: Sophie in ‘t Veld, ALDE Group First Vice President / Mathieu Cugnot / Copyright © European Union 2017 – Source: EP

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