Rights of same-sex spouses recognised in all EU28, says ECJ

«This is fantastic news and a landmark opinion for rainbow families! Commented Sophie in ‘t Veld, First Vice President of the ALDE Group and Vice President of the European Parliament’s LGBTI Intergroup, on today’s ECJ ruling recognising the rights of same-sex spouses in all 28 Member States of the EU. According to the breakthrough decision, the spouse of an EU citizen of the same sex from a non-EU country is entitled to stay with his or her partner wherever they move and settle within the European Union. «The European Union protects our rights, Sophie in ‘t Veld added. This ruling is a stark reminder to all Member States that our societies evolve at speed. A progressive and inclusive Europe means granting equal rights for all Europeans, regardless of where in the EU they choose to live». The Court ruled in the case of Adrian Coman and Clay Hamilton, a Romanian-American couple who fought in the court for Hamilton’s right to live and work permanently in Romania, where same-sex marriage is not recognised by the state.


Photo : Doret under creative commons

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